In 2019, Wintower is coming, in 2020 Wintower is back!

Therefore, we announce the 2nd edition of the Wintower festival for 3 festive days on the 21, 22 and 23 February 2020 in Lyon. Discover all the energy of the Woodstower Festival from the beginning of the year at the Ninkasi Kao, the Transbordeur and the Commune.

Sunday is FREE and open to all!

A program concocted with the Woodstower sauce, rap, electronic music and local artists, without forget to mention glitters to spice things up; an enticing recipe that will certainly make you dance.

In the program :

FRIDAY // Ninkasi Gerland : Alkpote, Ultramoule

SATURDAY // Transbordeur : Kompromat, Isaac Delusion, Zimmer, An eagle in your mind, Texas Menthol, Conga FM, Mangabey

SUNDAY // La Commune : Blind test hip-hop with Alpha & Zajazza, Activities for young and old >>> FREE



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