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    Festival Woodstower


    An eco-friendly festival

    Woodstower festival have been recognised as a pioneer in environmental and sustainable initiatives.
    Part of the Top 4 of the most eco-friendly festivals in 2018 by Infoconcert, Woodstower has been forerunner and pilot in the field of sustainable development in all its aspects (social, environmental, economic), the festival keeps developing sustainable projects while working to develop new actions each year. Woodstower is eager to get involved in the various environmental aspects in order to limit the impact of the festival on the environment and thus raise public awareness of its consumption.
    Each year we do our very best to improve and save where we can. Take a look at just some of the initiatives we're really proud of.


    Since 2010, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and Aremacs, have been working to raise awareness among hundreds of thoudands of people. In 8 years, almost 201 500 people have been recycling their waste in the festival. With 140m3 of recyclable waste (plastic bottles, cardboard, cans ...) and compostable waste, about 59% of the volume have been recycled.


    The furniture, resulting from a solid partnership with Emmaüs Bourgoin-Jallieu, has been given many lives in order to decrease the consumption and work for the circular economy. Recovery elements are also used for the scenography of the event. A long-lasting dynamic of operation to reduce the impact on the environment.


    From catering to logistic, technical services and printers, Woodstower work with local professionals, then participating in local economic development. Thus, the catering offer for festival-goers is mainly based on local products, in "short circuit" and / or from organic farming and fair trade. The use of local producers is also used for the preparation of team meals. Organic wine and nature, local beer and homemade juices are also on the menu at the bars.


    Water is a rare commodity, let's protect it! Water is also at the heart of the project and at the Grand Park with the Blue Waters Lake, that needs to be protected by eco-friendly initiatives. A free water distribution system is organised at the festival, served at the bar to control the flow. It is also thanks to dry toilets throughout the Festival that we limit the consumption of water with nearly 1.65 million liters of water and nearly 50,000 liters of chemicals saved each year.


    Woodstower works mainly with local partners to support economic activity in the region : technical service providers operating on the territory, food supply with local farms, programming local emerging groups remunerated for their fair value ...


    Sharing transports, a logic that becomes increasingly important, whether by car, shuttle or bicycle, to limit the impact of individual transport: - bus shuttles are provided from Lyon, thanks to our partner TCL-Sytral and from the communes of Miribel and Plateau with Colibri. - Velobus (group rides by bike) are organized with the association Pignon Sur Rue from the center of Lyon. - carpooling is possible via the website