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    5 rue d'aguesseau 69007 LYON

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    Cultural association since 1998


    For 20 years, Woodstower association has been organizing a music festival where more than 50 artists perform every year by the lake. Woodstower is much more than a festival, it is a human adventure that is lived all year long. From September to August, several concerts are announced to highlight the best of this year’s music. 


    It’s been 21 years that Woodstower association reinvents a festival in constant evolution. Generations have succeeded each other and yet there are things that do not change: our commitment to sustainable development, the promotion of emerging talent in our region, the flawless investment of volunteers and especially the crazy desire to party.


    Woodstower has been forerunner and leader in the field of sustainable development for years and leads innovative, thoughtful and cooperative actions to try to raise awareness of these issues. Using these festive moments to bring social, economic and solidarity values ​​through music, and thus awaken consciences.


    At Woodstower we value partnerships and collaborations. We believe that by working together, we can discover, develop, and deliver the best value for our public.  Woodstower is a creative project with many ideas and desires that are developed every day with our team and partners. Our approach to collaborations is designed to foster long-term business relationships, so in order to continue our development, we need you and your support.